we can make a better world together.

Be informed.

Until today, it is difficult to have an open, honest conversation about sex, gender, and gender roles. Stereotypes, biases, and taboos continue to pervade in our culture.

The difference starts with you. Do your part in creating a more fair, equal world by taking the first step to become more informed about this issue.

Fill in the following form in order to show your interest in advocating for women’s economic empowerment and men’s domestic fulfillment. If you think you want to understand the issue better, you may also indicate your interest to sign up for a GAD Workshop. We will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

Break the glass ceiling.

Despite the steps forward made in recent years, women – especially mothers – continue to face extraordinary challenges in the workplace relating to difficult working conditions and being discouraged to pursue a successful career.

Make your business different. Invest in and harness the talents and potential of women in your workplace.

If you are interested in creating a more fair, equal workplace environment, fill up the following form to indicate your interest in having a GAD conducted for your company or business.

Become a voice for gender equality.

We believe in a collective movement of people demanding a change to the status quo. Only through coming together, cultivating discourse, and speaking out will we be able to truly turn our dream of a fair, equal world for all into a reality.

If you would like to support our dream and let the world know what you feel about gender equality, join our online community. We encourage healthy discussions regarding the current conditions and experiences of women, as well as what we can do to further inspire change for the better. You will also find here the latest news and updates from this campaign, which you can then share to your own communities to encourage them to invest in women.

Be proudly committed to gender equality.

Let the world know about your commitment to create a more fair, equal world for Filipino men and women.

Show your dedication by availing of our #inFAIRness stickers and posters that you can display on your personal belongings or around your office or home. That way, you will be able to carry the message of gender equality to your friends, family, and anyone whom you come into contact with.

You may request for these materials free of charge. Simply fill out the following request form. You may check out our sticker designs here.